Ten years ago, my friend Erika got divorced. To celebrate, she decided to rent an apartment in Reykjavik for a month. Ten years ago, I quit my totally wretched job to become a freelance writer. To celebrate, I decided to go visit Erika for a week.

It was great. It was November, so it was dark from about 4pm-10am, but that didn’t really matter because we went out every night and slept a lot of the day anyway. We did a tour to Gullfloss waterfall and went to the Blue Lagoon and spent a lot of time wandering around at night with her friends, a bunch of super pervy and hilarious dudes in a band.

I’ve always wanted to go back in the summer and see what it’s like during daylight, because to be honest, we were asleep a lot of the time due to the aforementioned celebrations.

Starting in March, WOW Air, “Iceland’s most punctual airline,” is flying into/out of Boston. Not only that, but the rates look really cheap. Right now, you can fly from Boston to Reykjavik, London, or Copenhagen for as low as $149, $202, or $249 each way. You can fly from Washington, DC for $165, $240, or $183 each way.

I have never been to Copenhagen and have been petitioning my husband for years to let us go. This might finally be my chance. If not Copenhagen, maybe the Icelandic beauties with beer will convince him to go to Reykjavik.

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